Vaginal Tightening – IntimaLase®

IntimaLase® is an innovative and unique non-invasive Er:YAG laser therapy for vaginal relaxation syndrome, which is the loss of the optimum structural form of the vagina. This process is generally associated with overstretching of the vaginal canal during childbirth as well as with natural aging.

The IntimaLase® treatment is based on laser-induced heating of the vaginal tissue, stimulating collagen remodeling and the synthesis of new collagen fibers.

For most patients a single session is sufficient for significant tightening of the vaginal canal. If needed, the treatment can be repeated after one month. No special pre-op preparation or post-op precautions are necessary. Patients can immediately return to their normal everyday activities.

The treatment can provide a significant improvement in the sex life of patients following childbirth where vaginal relaxation has become a problem.

An initial assessment appointment with Dr Wise will be required before treatment can be performed. It can be helpful to bring any test results such as an up to date cervical screening test with you to your initial assessment. A cervical screening test can be performed during the assessment appointment if required.

IntimaLase® can be performed in conjunction with vaginal rejuvenation treatments and treatments for stress urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse.