Pricing List

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Afterpay carries a 6% surcharge and is not available for injectables.

TreatmentsIndicationNumber of sessions requiredDurationPrice per session


Twinlight RejuvenationSun damage, wrinkles, pigmentation3-6 sessions
4-6 week interval
45 mins$550
4D rejuvenationNon invasive laser facelifting4-6 sessions
4-6 week interval
1 hour$750 (intraoral tightening alone $175)
Laser MicropeelLight peel, surface texture3 sessions
4-6 weeks apart
30 mins$99
Active AcneMild to moderate active acne4 sessions every week for 4 weeks30 mins$99
SmootheyeLines around eyes and drooping eyelids3 treatments at 4 week intervals45 mins$220
Acne Twinlight / ScarringActive acne/acne scarring1-3 sessions
4 week interval
45 mins$150-300
TightsculptingAbdomen4-6 sessions
2-4 weekly intervals
Back of arms4-6 sessions
2-4 weekly intervals
Inner or outer thighs4-6 sessions
2-4 weekly intervals
Back fat4-6 sessions
2-4 weekly intervals
Muffin top4-6 sessions
2-4 weekly intervals
Stretch Mark Treatments4 sessions
8 weekly intervals

Hair Removal

Chin / Lip / Sideburns4-10 sessions
6-8 week interval
10 mins$22 each area
Lower legs4-10 sessions
6-8 week interval
30 mins$88
ForearmsAs above30 mins$77
Full armsAs above45 mins$132
Full backAs above60 mins$132
NeckAs above30 mins$150
BikiniAs above30 mins$55
BrazilianAs above45 mins$88
UnderarmsAs above15 mins$55

Telangiectasia (face)

1-3 sessions
4-6 weekly
30 mins$150

Leg veins

(spider veins)1-3 sessions / every 8-10 weeks30 mins$150-250


Snoring and mild sleep apnoea3 sessions
3 week interval
45 mins$550


RenovaLaseDryness, pain and atrophy3 sessions
3 week interval
30 mins$399
ProlapLaseProlapse4-6 sessions
4 week interval
30 mins$699
IntimaLaseVaginal relaxation syndrome (tightening)2 sessions
4 week interval
30 mins$599
IncontiLaseUrinary Incontinence2 sessions
4 week interval
45 mins$599


Onychomycosis (fungal nail treatment)4 sessions
1 week apart
30 mins$88
Plantar warts1-2 sessions15 mins$44

Consultation Fees

Pension card holders bulk billed
Health care card $20 gap
Children < 17 years Bulk billed
Under 20 minutes$80 (rebate 38.20)
Above 20 minutes$125 (rebate 73.95)

Skin Checks

$65 (rebate 37.60)

Wrinkle Relaxers

Frown: $176
Crows feet: $132
Forehead: $88
Chin: $77
Mouth depressors: $88
Platysma: $150
TMJs: $160 per side
Underarms for sweating: $880

Dermal Fillers

Lip Filler 0.6ml $297
1.0ml $462
Others POA

Dermal Filler and Collagen Induction for Hands