Cervical Cancer Screening

Dr Wise can provide screening for women wishing to visit a female GP for their test.

In December 2017 the pap smear was replaced with screening for the Human Papilloma Virus. The test still feels the same as the pap test and requires the sampling of cells from the cervix and a speculum exam. You will still need to have a test after 2 years if you have not been screened after December 2017. If your test is negative you will not require another test for 5 years. The age of screening has also changed and is now for women aged 25 – 75 years. If you have been immunised against HPV you still require a cervical screening test.

If you have found the test painful in the past or you have other reasons for finding the test difficult please come in and discuss this with Dr Wise so that appropriate advice and options can be provided to you.

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