A comprehensive contraception service is available including emergency contraception.

Dr Wise is experienced in fitting hormonal and non-hormonal intrauterine devices and implanon NXT implants. Other options are oral contraceptive pill prescriptions and advice, intramuscular depo-provera injections, progesterone only pills.

If you require an out of hours consultation for emergency contraception please send an email to melanie@wisemedicallaser and Dr Wise will contact you with regard to her availability.

Emergency contraception can include the fitting of an intrauterine device up to 5 days after unprotected intercourse. A consultation with Dr Wise is required to assess suitability for the various forms of contraception and to discuss your needs. You may require some tests before an IUD can be fitted such as an up to date cervical screening test and a sexual health screen, as well as, assessment of the size and position of your uterus. Often the best time to insert devices such as IUDs and implanon implants is during your period as it ensures that you are not pregnant and provides immediate protection.


To learn more about Contraception, call (08) 9271 2248 or fill out the Enquiry Form.